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About Me

With almost a decade of experience, Blake is dedicated to diving deep into multiple niche markets in the construction industry. Blake has achieved obtaining his electrical license, building custom high-end cabinets, and even starting a multi-million dollar service company in the insulation market, later selling it to chase his dreams with residential construction and design. Blake has found a passion for creating systems to better help the rough process of what a home renovation can be. He has discovered his Kingdom purpose by bringing honesty, transparency, and accountability to an industry that has little to none. Blake also has a heart for young adults and when he is not working, he is very involved with the development of young adults at his local church, Milestone.


Blake has dedicated his life’s work to serving Jesus and stewarding what the Lord has placed in his life. 323 Construction strives to bring the saying “People are worth more than money” to an industry that has little to none of that. 323 comes from Colossians 3:23 “Whatever you do, do for the Lord and not for personal gain”. We bring that verse to life by honesty, transparency, and accountability, as well as partnering with multiple non-profit organizations in the local area. 

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